I read SO many reviews and thought, “That couldn’t me me…” here I am, in my 3rd month, already making at least 30k. So thankful for FFL!

Current Employee - Agent

My husband is in the Army. We move often and we have kids. I LOVE FFL. As long as we are stateside I can work wherever I am. I make more than my husband yet I am able to be at every school event, recital, or game. I enjoy working to help protect families like mine. This is the perfect part time opportunity for me

Current Employee - Sales Manager in Ojai, CA

In business for myself but not by myself. Shawn Meaike, President of FFL, continuously strives to do what is right for the families of the clients and the families of the agents who protect them first. He has set in place the most aggressive compensation structure in the industry and on top of that, we never pay for a single training, sales or National conference. If you are looking to sell insurance or build an Agency like myself, stop looking and get on board with us…you won’t regret it!

Current Employee - Agency Owner in Chesapeake, VA

They have a very streamlined training plat form, great communication and support as well for not only the people that work here but for those that we help as well.

Current Employee - Agent

The comp level is the best in the industry. You don’t have to bother your warm market to make money. The ability to work wherever you are licensed. Working with great people that challenge you to be better.

Current Employee - Field Underwriter in Dallas, TX

I needed to be able to make extra money when I became a single Mom. I love working with Family First Life.I especially like working with people and the clients in their homes. I am never pushed to do more or work or full time.

Independent Insurance Agent in Los Angeles, CA

Worked with Family First Life as an independent recruiting agent for 3 years and I want to express the amount of positive change that my life has undergone thanks to this company. It is very rewarding to be proud of myself and to be an example to my children. I can thank Family First Life for that.

Agent in Charlotte, NC

I have had to work hard, but it has been worth it. I love the one for all and all for one attitude of Family First Life. They are truly changing how insurance is sold and embrace a changing world.

Licensed Insurance Agent in Atlanta, GA

Although it has only been a few months, I had to leave a review for Family First Life. LOVE MY JOB. I have learned a ton about selling, and I feel supported all the way every day

Agent in Atlanta, GA

Family First Life does not only provide the resources to sell, but it provides jobs for so many people.I started working in sales for a company that allowed me to work from home, but I was still on someone elses time schedule. Family First Life allows me to create my own schedule and actually build clientele of my own.

Independent Agent in San Jose, CA

I decided to find out more about Family First Life, and I wound up making the switch. First I was hit with the fact I did not have to sign a contract. I was truly independent. The training are free and they always record them for future reference. The comp is more than DOUBLE of that of my past IMO and my renewals are mine from day one. If you are considering working with an IMO I highly recommend Family First Life.

Life Insurance Agent in Dallas, TX

The best part of working with FFL is the leads. You’re calling people that are requesting for insurance. If you’re a new agent you’ll feel welcomed and have lots of help on your first 100 appointments.

Life Insurance Agent



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