About Ryan Montalto

Ryan Montalto is President of Montalto United Insurance Agency, also known as Family First Life United, and a Managing Partner of Integrity Marketing Group. Ryan specializes in coaching other insurance agency owners and sales professionals to build their businesses to support their personal and career goals.

Before founding Montalto United Insurance, Ryan had a successful career in his family’s restaurant business. He became an accomplished chef and opened his own Italian restaurant at age 23. However, as a young, hardworking entrepreneur, he continued to watch for business opportunities that would help him achieve his objectives.

In 2015, Ryan became a life insurance agent and quickly found success as a rookie producer. Although he was successful personally, he wanted to expand his business and share his experiences, knowledge, and success by forming his own agency. In doing so, he was able to recruit family, friends, and others who shared his strong work ethic and commitment to service. Now, Ryan is proud to bring the same confidence and grit to Integrity Marketing Group and help even more people benefit from opportunities in insurance.

Ryan lives in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, with his wife, Janessa, and three children — Madden, Ann, and Mia.

Family First Life Overview

Family First Life is an IMO (Insurance Marketing Organization) that partners with top insurance carriers to find our clients the best products and rates to fit their unique needs. FFL is comprised of independent agents across the country that understand the value of life insurance and the impact it has on families. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or brand-new to the business of life insurance, Family First Life’s innovative technology, back-office support, and premier training can empower you reach your personal and career goals.


We understand the commitment required to serve families on both a full-time and part-time basis. We are committed to ensuring agents are rewarded for their dedication to protecting families. Family First Life offers exclusive contract rates with over 20 top-rated insurance carriers and monthly bonuses paid out to individual agents and agency owners based on individual/agency production.

We believe the tools for success should be available to all, not just a lucky few. Our company is built on encouragement and support, which is why our high-impact agents are always willing to lend their guidance. Need to work on your phone script or in-home presentation? We offer training on countless topics that’s always free. Looking to build your agency? We have a variety of agency leaders that specialize in recruiting, marketing, management, and more.

Unlike other IMOs which often have a revolving door of agents, Family First Life’s teams are committed to growing and retaining their agents. We have tools designed to help agents reinvest in their business. Turn your hard work into a purpose much bigger than yourself.

Integrity Partnership Overview

“Partnering with Integrity is becoming part of a bigger family. In my family, we hold the belief that there is room for everyone at the table, whether that’s Sunday dinner or in business. We work better when we work together and it’s clear Integrity shares that same philosophy. With Integrity’s resources and technology behind us, it’s taking our business to all new heights.”

Ryan Montalto

President of Family First Life United & Integrity Partner

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